Sharing strengths makes them stronger

Talking about everything that is worrying us is important. But sharing our thoughts about what is helping us get through this time is helpful. too!

Doing art makes space for new ideas

In times of crisis, our bodies and minds are often on the alert for potential threats. This is why it takes extra effort to pay attention to things beyond what we are worried, anxious or angry about. This extra effort is worthwhile!

The Stress and Recovery Curve

Warum verhalten wir Menschen uns unter Stress manchmal ganz anders als sonst? Wenn wir “aus der Stresskurve fliegen”, kann auch die Höflichkeit flöten gehen…

What is Resilience?

“Resilience” describes a capacity to deal with and recover from extremely challenging circumstances. This capacity depends on much more than just your own abilities…


When children are stressed out, they’re much more open for helpful activities than for long explanations. Try these games and see how they work!