This activity can be done with your family, or the community you live in.

What abilities, beliefs and values are helping you get through this time together?

By doing this activity together, you can remind each other about the resilience that you share. You might even discover strengths in your family or community that you weren’t aware of before!

Our template has four fields that you can fill with your own ideas. Of course you can also create your own shape. And if you don’t enjoy drawing, you can cut out pictures, use objects, or find other creative solutions. 

In the first field, you can draw an animal that symbolizes what is helping you get through the crisis as a family. 

In the second field, you can draw a tree, flower or plant that shows your family’s roots and how you are continuing to grow, together. 

In the third field, you can draw something that symbolizes the current challenges you are facing, for example a steep mountain.

In the last field, you can draw something that shows your hopes for the future. For example a sunrise or anything else that you connect with hope and the future. 

Can you come up with an encouraging motto for your family? There’s a special space for this at the top of the crest!

If you enjoyed this activity, you can repeat it again next week; in every family, new strengths and ideas develop over time. This is true both for good and difficult times. Maybe you’d like to try it out with other people who are part of your larger family or community? We would love to hear how you used this activity, and to see your family crests if you would like to send them to!

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