Taking and giving time to listen – an offer from our cooperation partner

REDEZEIT FÜR DICH #virtualsupporttalks is a platform of over 350 coaches, therapists and psychologists who listen to other people – for free, without any obligation.

The initiative is non-profit and free for everyone. It was founded in March 2020 by four practicing coaches from Hamburg and does not pursue any economic, political or religious goals. All listeners at REDEZEIT listen regardless of the topic presented, origin, background, identity, sexuality, religion or political views.

We believe that talking helps to better perceive your own mental stress and limits. And: Talking connects and leads to an open, reflective, responsive, empathetic society.

We are committed to supporting the mental health of society. Our offer is not a replacement for professional coaching or therapy. Our help is short-term for people in need who need to talk to someone urgently.