…try to rely on gravity!

This tool can help you to calm your nerves during stress – even without anyone noticing. You can use it anytime and anywhere. The aim is to calm physical stress reactions by creating a feeling of support. The most important thing is that everyone does this exercise as it suits him or her personally.

Find a position that feels good – standing, sitting, lying down or walking. Everyone has different preferences, so it’s important to choose for yourself!

Ask yourself: where is my body in contact with the floor, chair, etc…. Try to focus your attention on this connection to your physical surroundings.

Ask yourself: is this pleasant, neutral or unpleasant? If it’s unpleasant, try to find a better position (or simply stop). If it’s neutral or pleasant, give your body some time to notice the connection with your physical surroundings, and how the chair, floor or other surface is “holding” you. If you’d like, you can notice how gravity can provide support.

If it is still pleasant or neutral, you can try to notice how your body reacts. How is your breathing, your muscle tension, your heartbeat? Do you notice any signs of tension release or relaxation?

If you notice any pleasant changes, you can try to focus your attention on any places in your body that feel different and better than before. Try to keep your attention on any pleasant sensations in the body, if you like. This can intensify the relaxation response that you have created by simply paying attention to pleasant or neutral sensations!

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