How many conversations have you had about the many we have reasons to feel anxious or troubled right now? Conversations about what’s helping us through this time can help balance out the impact?

When we’re feeling anxious, angry or lonely, sharing things that give us strength or hope can give our minds, bodies and souls a welcome break. We’ve put together some examples to help people take a breather from stressful topics and remind each other about what makes us resilient.  


Can you tell me about something that made you laugh in the past few days?

What helps you and your family / your neighborhood / your circle of friends stick together in difficult times?

What gives you courage?

What strengths and resources have you been using to get through this situation? (These can be activities, people, pets or anything else that gives you a sense of calm, energy or stability!)

Can you think of any examples from your life or from movies or stories about how people have gotten through similarly insecure times like these?

Remember what strengths you see in each other, and remind each other of them.

If you’d like, take a moment to notice any differences in your wellbeing when you’ve shared your thoughts about what makes you resilient. Has your breathing changed? How is your posture – are your muscles relaxed or tense? Is your heart beating fast or steadily?

Who would you like to try this with? It works best in a videochat, but also on the phone!

Here’s an example that you can watch (in German).


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What questions can you think of that can remind people about resilience? We’re always grateful for new ideas! Leave us a comment below.

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