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Where mental health is about relationships.


CORESZON stands for Community Resilience Network, a growing group of partners in Germany, Iraq and Kenya committed to improving mental health equity. 

Healthy child outcomes are at the heart of our mission, which is why caregivers and other important figures in children’ lives are our most important stakeholders. It’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child. CORESZON is designed to strengthen what villages need in order to collaborate: mutual appreciation, trust, and community wellbeing.

The CORESZON prevention program

Together with our partners and trainer network, we develop and share a science-based approach to cultivating relationships and environments that nurture individual and community wellbeing. Our program works at three levels:

1. The CORESZON Group Workshop

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Groups of 8-16 adults meet over a period of six weeks to develop knowledge and skills for family & community wellbeing. By practicing together, they strengthen connections and acquire a set practical techniques & inspiring ideas designed for use in everyday life. For themselves, their families, and the community.

2. The Community Resilience Network

Working together for community wellbeing

Our six-month Train-the-Trainer program equips community members with skills, resources and support to promote mental wellbeing. CORESZON Trainers come from both professional and non-professional backgrounds. They facilitate mutual trust, support and collaboration in group workshops with friends, neighbors and their wider social networks.

3. Partnerships for mental health equity

CORESZON is based at the University of Hamburg Medical Center's Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. The goal of our outreach program is to help reduce mental health inequity by integrating mental health promotion into existing systems. We partner with organisations who contribute to healthy child and adolescent outcomes through education, sports, family services, culture, and communities of faith.


Systems that shape child development prioritise and actively promote mental health

In order to reach this goal, CORESZON is designed to rely on collaboration. As an interdisciplinary team with diverse cultural backgrounds and rich lived experience, we appreciate the challenges of cross-sectoral collaboration, and are intent on contributing to deeper, systemic change. 

Since we first set out in 2017, we’ve learned many lessons from the people we work with, and the landscape we work in. We’ve struggled, adapted and grown to value the following principles for impactful collaboration:


1. Find strength in interdependence

2. Learn from navigating complexity  

3. Negotiate resources across cultural and professional divides with common goals in mind


When it comes to improving mental health equity, bridging economic, social and cultural divides is key to sustainable change. Corporations and citizens can contribute to our endeavor by booking group workshops. In addition to the benefits of our science-based training, training proceeds help us fund and support the activities of CORESZON Trainers in their local communities. Visit our training program overview to find out how CORESZON can benefit your team or community!



Get to know CORESZON and take away three helpful tools for everyday life in our free, live introduction webinar.


Try out our free resources for your own self-care, or with friends and family.


If you or someone you know is struggling, please remember that asking for help is a sign of strength! Even though it can be difficult, telling someone that you are having a hard time can make a difference. And asking someone how they’re really doing and letting them know that they matter can be just what they need.

Our goal as a mental health education and capacity-building program is to share knowledge and tools that help buffer the impact of stress overload and strengthen resilience. The contents of our workshops are not equivalent to professional advice or care, and are not provided within the University of Hamburg Medical Center’s care mandate.  If there are no mental health care services in your area, please turn to someone in your community who can offer support, or help you get professional advice.

For information and support accessing online or telephone support in English, we warmly recommend Mind’s website

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Even before the Covid 19 pandemic, one in four people per year were affected by mental health problems. According to worldwide estimates, the mental health crisis is set to cost the world economy $16 trillion by 2030, with 12 billion days of lost productivity due to anxiety and depression. Poverty and other socioeconomic stressors significantly increase our risk of mental illness. The impact of mental health inequity on our collective future calls for a sustainable, whole-society approach to solving the mental health crisis.

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